The Company started operations by supplying polybags to the garment industry by outsourcing the work initially. By outsourcing the manufacturing process the company couldn’t deliver the goods on time to their customers. Due to the reason there was complains from the customers for delay supply. Thereafter to speed up the process company invested in to machinery and started production. The initial manufacturing process operation backed by polythene extruder and bag cutting machine. With that we were able to manufacture unprinted bags and polythene rolls. There after invested on printing machines to do printing bags in house. Currently the company can produce 40 tons of polythene bags/rolls for a period of one month. After expanding the production capacity company started supplying to many industries in the country. Mainly to the Garment industry, Textiles industry, Laundry industry and the tissue industry & to all other local industries as well.

Our Vision

Become the right Solutions provider to all packaging needs.

Our Mission

To Manufacture Environmentally Friendly Packaging to all packaging Needs..

Core Values

To manufacture and supply environmental friendly bags to all industries that require packing needs

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